Random processes in time and frequency – attempt for an infograpic

Some time ago, I got fascinated by a few infographics from absorptions. The dial-up modem poster deserves special attention!

I have been looking at some topics on noise recently and decided to attempt assembling my first intentional infographic. Here it is:

Random Processes in Time and Frequency

Random Processes in Time and Frequency

The background is a 24 hour full spectrum scan (waterfall chart, 6 MHz – 2.2 GHz) which I captured with my SDR dongle last summer up in the Balkan mountains. Here you can find another version.

It ended up being a bit messy and probably not very useful, neither for novices, nor for professionals in the field. Nevertheless, I have accumulated ideas for another infographic which should be very entertaining. Stay tuned for a follow-up post.