Our Geek Story

Hi! We are three applied science geeks! With this blog we aim and can only hope that you will encourage your inner geekiness to go forward and walk through this exciting journey of Applied Sciences. Here are our names and micro stories.

Desi – I wanted to be a physicist even before knowing what physics actually is. I have always been fascinated by light, so when the new bachelor programme Photonics and Laser Physics appeared, it thrilled me. The 20th century was the century of electronics, the 21st will be the century of photonics – these words on a poster in the Faculty of Physics were particularly persuading. Now I am in my third year of studies and it has been wonderful so far. For more information, visit my page.

Deyan – As a kid I have always been interested in technology. At the age of four, one evening I asked my father to open the back lid of our old tube radio receiver five times in a row! Later on was given a box of old electromechanical relays and circuit boards which acted as an ignition spark to my interests in technology and science. Ever since I have been interested in any field related to physics and engineering. I am currently working towards a PhD degree in Microelectronics. You can read more about me here.

Lukasz – During my childhood I was extremely excited when my parent bought new home appliance, so I could explore and see what was inside the old one. Then I started building my own devices: electronic bite indicator, aquarium CO2 controller, proximity sensor… But I had more fun during my bachelor studies when I got into programming micro controllers and building autonomous sumobots for minisumo competition.  Currently I am pursuing my PhD degree in Nanoelectronics in Oslo. You can see some of my previous projects here.


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