Month: April 2017

Happy birthday Mr. Electron!

Well… at least if we can refer to one of the latest tweets from Imperial College, J. J. Thomson announced the discovery of a particle with a miniscule size, negative in charge, and yet smaller than an atom. All during a regular Friday lecture at the Royal Institution on 30 April 1897!

So this means that Mr. Electron is hitting his 120s today! Hurray, electrons in my computer! I wish I could make it up to you with a cake, but I don’t really know where in spacetime you are right now.

Oddly enough, Thomson’s experiment provided an extremely accurate ratio between the charge and mass of the electron, even for today’s standards.

Greetings too, to all electronics engineers – our titles contain bits of two of the most influential 19th century discoveries! Could today be marked as the day of electronics?

Finally here’s how electron guns are made… Meh, don’t you think that people had a rather odd taste to magazine covers back in the day…

Sealing electron gun assembly – recklessly stolen from pulp librarian’s cover archives.