Month: November 2014

Photons hit Electrons – what is it all about?

Sometimes we get outbursts of passion about what we do, it also often happens that people around us do not entirely share the same enthusiasm about science as we do. To reduce the gap between us and other enthusiasts in the field we want to share our daily scientific surges. Here is where “Photons hit Electrons” kicks in, the applied scientist’s idyllic spot!

The rules we’ll try to follow are dead simple:

  1.  We will post tiny bits and pieces of concepts/ideas/phenomenons we observe in our daily scientific pursuits.
  2. 365 days, 52 weeks, on average the number of posts per week varies between 2 \pi and 2e. Ambitious? Yes and no!
  3. To prove that we are not robots and pass the Turing test we might get some holidays occasionally thus, no posts.

All above brings a short summary of what our plan is and happens to form our first post. Wish us all the best!